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Sharing Files

Want to go paperless or just share files with students? There are a number of options:

1. I need to share files, templates, or web sites with students. Make your own folder on the J drive to share files with students. They can look at anything you post there. If students need to save the file or add to it, they can save it to their H drives.

To share a web page link on the J drive, find the web page and click on File. Select Save As. Find the J drive >> Find your folder. Type in a file name. Click Save.


Copy and paste the web addresses into a Word document. Save that file to your J drive folder.

2. Students need to share their files with one another or with me.If students are doing presentations or working in groups, we can modify a J drive folder with “hand-in” access. In addition to seeing work, students can save, modify, and erase(!) files in a “hand-in” folder. It’s a great timesaver for presentations, but it’s also an easy way to keep groups working even when someone is absent or check progress after class has ended.

3. Students need to hand in files to me.

Besides option 2 above, there is also the option for students in grades 5-12 to send files via email. There is a 2MB limit for ePals attachments, so for most word processing documents, that’s fine.

4. Students need to hand in slide shows.

Since some slide shows may be bigger than 2MB, ePals file storage might be an option. With an ePals account, students can post files to a teacher’s folder within ePals. Please contact Kim Bannigan if you’d like a teacher ePals account.

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