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Photo Tools Galore

#31: Today’s Technology Tip is all about pictures.

These web sites can help you to find copyright-friendly images and make changes to your photos for web sites, Moodle, or classroom presentations.

1. Ide@s Wisconsin has just unveiled its new image search tool (ideas.wisconsin.edu/imageideas_browse.cfm).

Not only are the images copyright-friendly, they are organized by subject, grade level, and keyword. Many of the images were contributed by WI teachers and are free for educators and students to use. As you or students search for images, you’ll find useful related links as well.

2. Picnik (www.picnik.com) The weather may not be good for a picnic, but spell that word another way, and you’ll be in a much sunnier place. Picnik is a site where you may edit photos with such ease, it’s astounding.

One excellent feature of Picnik is that it is much easier to determine the size of an image. When you click on the Edit tab >> Resize, you’ll see the exact dimensions of the image. For example, for most web pages or Moodle images, 100×100 pixels is perfect.

Even without registering a paying the $24.95, you can upload a photo and make changes, like cropping, resizing, fixing the color, adding graphics and borders. When you’re done, you can save the image back to its original location by selecting Save and Share.

3. Photoshop Express (www.photoshop.com/express/landing.html) Adobe is making many of its Photoshop tools available online . . . crop, rotate, add effects, fix white balance, and much more. This site requires registration.

This tool was just released, but one feature that’s an immediate improvement is that you when you choose a tool or effect, the work is done for you. It’s kind of like the difference between manual and automatic transmissions. Photoshop Express presents you with a series of possibilities. All you need to do is select the image that you like.

4. Big Huge Labs (www.bighugelabs.com/flickr/) has some select tools for editing or modifying images, like a press badge template.

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