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Keys & Shortcuts!

#32: Today’s Technology Tip is all about shortcuts & keys.

  • ALT + TAB: Use ALT + TAB to move between any open windows or applications. You may press and hold ALT and press TAB, TAB, TAB, TAB to move through everything you have open.
  • ALT + Print Screen: For screenshots, this combination copies your current window to the clipboard. Paste it into a Word document, Adobe Photoshop, or PowerPoint.
  • CTRL + Print Screen: Copy your whole screen to the clipboard. Paste it into a Word document, Adobe Photoshop, or PowerPoint.
  • CTRL + F: This combination is pretty universal for Find. In Groupwise, you may search for a message from a particular person. On a web page, you may search for that keyword (very useful for students!).
  • NUM LOCK: Press the NUM LOCK key to turn the keypad on or off. (For laptop users, this key is also the answer when you start to see numbers instead of letters.)
  • F5: Refreshes a web page.
  • F1: An old favorite . . . pressing this key opens HELP for whatever you’re working on.
  • And finally, one key you might avoid . . . INSERT: The INSERT key can be a pain. It’s seldom used, but often hit by accident. If you ever find your letters disappearing as you type, the INSERT key is probably the culprit. Press it again and things should be back to normal.
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