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New Idea Friday: RSS Readers

Welcome to another new idea Friday. A couple of weeks ago, Elisa Welch shared her story about using Voicethread with students. One of our recent tips shared Delicious and our own list of ideas & resources you may access. We’ll be hearing from more teachers in the coming weeks–in fact, over the last couple, I’ve been lucky to see and hear about all sorts of neat things happening . . . from 5th graders using Photoshop to “visit” Alaska, 4th graders learning more about reading food labels by using Excel to compare nutritional data, students using Wikis to collaborate and create, the first netbooks going out to teachers at New Reflections, seniors using Inspiration to map out how businesses are organized, students using Photostory to create podcasts, growing Moodle use, and much, much more.

Here’s a new idea to help you manage the news, blogs, and podcasts you like: RSS Readers. Here are four examples:

How do RSS Readers work? Common Craft defines RSS Readers as the difference between Netflix and going to the video store . . . with a reader, news comes to you. Here’s the full explanation:

RSS Readers are a great way to track the news and other interests you have. When you sign up for any of these services, you can search for subscriptions. Whether you’re interested in basketball, national parks, knitting, the environment, or even ice fishing, you’ll find a subscription to gather news on that topic for you. You’ll also find subscriptions to podcasts like the ones hosted at UW’s Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Enjoy!

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