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PowerPoint Alternatives

Yesterday I spent some time with juniors at DHS demonstrating ways they could skip PowerPoint and amaze their teacher with. Many of these tools and presentation options have been highlighted before:

  • Animoto (web site): This Web 2.0 tool lets you create movies and share them online and in other venues. The neat part is that Animoto takes all of your photos, video, music and blends them together for you.
  • Glogster (web site): Glogster is a great combination of social networking and creativity tools all rolled into one. The best part is that a teacher can set up a class to organize, tag, and monitor work.
  • Tagul (web site): If Wordle remains down, this site is a neat alternative with a few more choices and possibilities. Who knows? Maybe you’d like a heart-shaped tag cloud. Here’s an example.
  • Photostory (available on all DASD computers): Create podcasts, photo essays, and more with this great tool. You can import images and add transitions, narration, music, and more. Photostory is a free program you may download and use on Windows machines.
  • Inspiration (available on all DASD computers): Use the visual features in Inspiration to dazzle your audience. Use the Notes to plan out what you’d like to say or add more information through a hyperlink.
  • Big Huge Labs (web site): Lots of great tools here to spruce up a presentation . . . mosaic makers, movie poster maker, mini photo albums, trading cards, and more.
  • Wordle (web site): Use Wordle to create a graphic of your keywords or points. The more times you enter a term, the bigger it will be in your final graphic.
  • Windows Moviemaker (available on all DASD computers): Use Moviemaker for still images. It’s a great way to build a powerful presentation or podcast.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation you really like. You can still use the slides! Use File >> Save As to save the files as JPEG’s (images). You may save a single slide or all the slides to use with many of these programs.

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