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Spring Cleaning ’09

Spring Cleaning Tips

Each year about this time, we ask people to do a little spring file cleaning . . . You might have student slide shows on the J drive, pictures hanging out on your H drive, or files from years ago that you don’t need any longer.  A couple of cleaning tips:

  • Pictures? Upload them to Picasa Web Albums. You can keep your albums private or share them with the people you select. The nice part about moving your pictures off the network to the web is that they are available whenever and wherever you need them. Picasa software is also available for use on your desktop. Click on Start >> Graphics & Layout to install it. For more information, try this handout: Using Picasa or Picasa’s Getting Started Page.
  • Moving Files from the Network? If you’ve had your computer replaced recently, you can put older files on a CD. Here’s how. If your computer doesn’t have a CD burner, look in a lab or LMC and you’ll find a CD-RW. Besides the label on the drive, you might also see a label on the monitor.
  • Student Work? If you’ve asked students to save work on the J drive and don’t need it any longer, it should be moved (a CD works well!) or deleted.
  • Your Desktop? If you have files saved to your desktop, move them to your H drive where they are backed up. Moving those file might also improve your login time.
  • Duplicate Files? If you have files saved in two places, maybe J and your H drive, do you need both? Delete those duplicates you don’t need.
  • Large Files? If you have a file that’s too big to send through email, try web sites like SendSpace.
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