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Pictures & Cameras

For our session this afternoon, we’ll be using Picasa from Google. This software may be loaded on any machines in the district. Students and staff members have access to it. You may even use the software at home. We have a brief handout for you: Getting Started with Picasa.

Picasa is like a combination of strong prescription glasses and a bloodhound . . . it sniffs out your pictures and shows them to you all at once and in folders. You can use it to share pictures with others and to make quick and easy edits. Take a look at the video for a very quick tour:

For more information about cameras, resolution, and file size, take a look at How Stuff Works. You’ll find a good explanation and visuals to show how file size affects an onscreen image.

If you’re using a school camera, it’s probably a Sony Cybershot Camera–they are in most libraries.

Use may Picasa web albums to store your pictures. Just remember to keep to keep them private if they contain pictures of students. If you’re sharing them with others, you should also follow the guidelines for student images:

  • No original student work or photos will be published if a signed Request to Withhold Student Data is on file with the school district.
  • Documents may include on the first name unless the student’s parent or guardian has given written and dated permission to use a full name.
  • Photos may be posted as long as the photo does not explain which individuals are standing/sitting where.
  • If individual photos of students are posted, their names should NOT be included.
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