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Welcome Back to All Staff!

We’re glad you’re back and we have some new things to share with you:

  • Sharing YouTube videos with students: You can now “unblock” YouTube videos for students. Our filter has a “Safe Videos Portal” or “Educational Video Library” where you can log in and submit videos. Submitted videos would be “approved” each week. Students would go the Educational Video Library site to see the videos you’ve submitted. Here’s how it works.
  • Sharing files with students: You have three ways you can share files with students. Depending on your level and whether or not students need access at home, you may use the J drive, Moodle, or GoogleApps. We’re asking all staff with files on the J drive to move them to the 2009-10 location by September 12th. (Or delete them if they’re no longer needed.) After that time we’ll be deleting old files and folders. Files for help:

Three Options for Sharing Files with Students

How to Add Rights to J Drive Folders
GoogleDocs in Plain English

  • Moodle Accounts: This year students will not create their own Moodle accounts. We’ll be creating accounts for them and sending the information to their H drives. Here’s a step-by-step: Using Moodle Enrollment Keys
  • Networked printer/copiers: In each school, you’ll soon have access to a printer/copier. Need some stapled collated copies? You’ll be able to do that right from your computer. Look for more information coming soon. So far, we have a list of where they are located: Printer/copier List
  • Student usernames: Instead of numbers, student logins will be consistent through the network, email, and Moodle. We think this new system will make it easier for students and end some of the confusion we’ve seen with email usernames. They’ll use the first three letters of the student’s first name + the first four letters of the student’s last name. Here’s how it works:

For example, if your name is Jane Smith, your login would be jansmit.
If your name is shorter, your login is shorter. So, if your name is Jane Doe, your username would be jandoe.

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