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Tuesday Technology Tips

Today’s tips are focused on organization, shopping, and photos . . .
Evernote: www.evernote.com Their symbol is an elephant and for good reason. With a free account, you can begin to capture items using the web, your smartphone, your computer, and other devices like an iPod Touch or a Blackberry. Evernote holds them all on the web for you.
Shopping Tips: Take a look at the New York Times video series with David Pogue where you can find information about tech gifts for all sorts of folks (athletes, travelers, cooks, readers, and more).
If you aren’t purchasing, their Personal Tech page is very helpful. You’ll find answers to questions like:
  • Do I need cable?
  • Kindle or Nook?
  • Kodak or Flip?
  • Scissors or cutting machine?
And, if you’re shopping online, the Better Business Bureau offers ten tips for safe online purchasing.
Pictures & Sharing: People take lots of photos this time of year. Storing them online means that you can share with others. (And if you’re managing photos here at DASD, it also means you’re not storing them on our servers.) Picasa Web Albums is a good choice. Want a real photo? Anyone you share with may pick the photo AND the company they’d like to print it. Your aunt likes Shutterfly–no problem. You like Walgreen’s–no problem.
If you’d like to get creative with your photos, try out some sites like Picnik, Photovisi, Big Huge Labs, and Scrapblog. Or download the free version of Picasa at home. (You’ll find it here under Start >> Graphics & Layout.)
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