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Changes Ahead

We’ve been working in the background all year on improvements. We’ve added bandwidth, moved things around the network, cleaned up unused applications, and started our move from Novell to Microsoft. This project is very big and will go through the fall.

This post is the first in a series to tell you more about the changes ahead . . . all positive.

What will be the same?

  • You’ll still have a “home” directory. Your files saved to your H drive now, will be available with the new system.
  • Your username won’t change.

What will be different?

  • One of the things you’ll notice right away is that the upper section of your Start menu will go away. The programs and tools you find there now will move to “Programs” . . . in short, it’s going to look more like your home computer.
  • Passwords! I promised you some time ago that you wouldn’t have to change password in the future. The network switch is the perfect time to do that. Each of us will receive a new password. It will have to conform to a few criteria, but once you set it, you’ll be done.
  • The J drive is going away for good for grades 5-12. We (I!) have cried wolf about this change in the past, but it’s real this time. If you have resources on the J drive, we ask that you start moving files to your H drive. If you are a K-4 teacher, your files will not be removed, but please delete or move any files that no longer need to be shared. For example, student slide shows from past years could be moved or deleted.
  • Email will eventually be different. Groupwise is part of the Novell system, so we’ll be leaving that behind for Gmail. We won’t make that change until fall.

How will I know what’s going on?

  • Groupwise (the web version) will stay running while we make these changes.
  • We’ll be also posting updates to the LISD blog. If you subscribe, you’ll get these updates via email. (Look for the “Email Subscription” block in the upper left.)

Why are we making a change?

  • There are a couple of good reasons for this change. Perhaps the most important is that it gives us a better way to manage the network . . . install updates, deliver applications, manage users, and more.
  • A benefit we anticipate is login speed. Other schools making this change noted that their login times improved.
  • We should be able to take advantage of “single sign-on” services for some applications, like Moodle or GoogleApps.

What do I need to do now?

  • If you’ve been using the J drive, please delete or move files that no longer need to be shared. If you teach grades 5-12, you may upload files to GoogleApps or move them to your H drive.
  • Although the move for email is not imminent, it’s a good idea to start sifting through your mailbox too. Consider this question . . . which messages do I need immediate access to?

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