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Norski Ninja: Week 3

This week marks a new year and a fresh start. Why not share a little with others and add color to your Gmail, calendar, and documents? These tips are all very quick and, if you have any resolutions regarding organization, can be very helpful!

Share & Color Code Your Calendar:

  • You can share your calendar with colleagues or others and determine how much access they get.  This video has the simplest set of directions I’ve seen for sharing your calendar with others. While you’re there, you can make your calendar “public” but can also limit whether or not people see all of your appointment details or just “free/busy” on your calendar. I would recommend only sharing “free/busy” with the world and sharing “all event details” with individuals you add to your list.
  • Color-coding your calendar makes it easier to find people or events.
    • First, you can color-code events. Maybe you’d like all your staff meetings to be purple. Maybe due dates are red. It’s up to you and here’s how to do it.
    • Second, you can color-code calendars shared with you. For any calendar on your list, click the arrow to the right of its name. You’ll see a list of colors–just choose the one you like.

Docs–Adding Color to Collections:

  • Collections are like folders . . . you can add documents to a collection to keep them organized. You can also create a collection for long-term sharing. Say, that you know you want to share lots of files this semester with your team. Create a collection and share that with them. Now each file you add to that collection will be shared automatically.
  • To add color to your collections, do (sort of) the same thing as for calendars. Click on the arrow to the right of your collection >> select Change Color and select the one you’d like.
  • If you’d like step-by-step directions, here’s a good resource.

Add Labels and Color-code Your Email:

  • Gmail lets you add labels to your messages–sort of like folders, but more flexible. Unlike a folder, you can add multiple labels to one email. For example, a tips email could be labeled with tips, Google, and Gmail.  The simplest way to create a label is to open a message and look for the label button above the message >> Click Create New.  (It looks like a luggage or gift tag.) You’ll be asked for the label name and whether or not you’d like it “nested” under another label. Once you’ve entered that, click Create.
  • To add color to a label, you’ll do the same thing as you did with a calendar. Point your mouse over any label. You’ll see an arrow to the right. Click on that and add the color you’d like.
  • Now that your label is created, you can add mail to that label when you read it. Or select lots of messages in your inbox and add the label to them all at once. Here’s more information about labels.

To be entered in this week’s drawing for Google stuff, add a comment to this blog posting telling us about how you use any of these tips. We just received a new store of prizes and there are some great ones!


One Response

  1. For email I don’t use the color coding, but instead rely on the search function. I have separate calendars for school, the team (shared), home (shared with my school I.D.) Birthday reminders for each student on the team, Daily reminders (check this student’s notebook, attend team meeting, update assignment web site, etc.) I use muted colors for the daily/periodic stuff, and bolder colors for the unusual items.

    The birthday and daily calendars are set to automatically send reminder emails and (gentle) pop-ups http://goo.gl/VAUuq

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