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ISTAP Reflections

As you wrap up for this year, please take a minute to complete your Individual Staff Technology Action Plan (ISTAP). Click here for directions . . . the process should take about 5 minutes.


ISTAP Directions

Here are the directions for completing the Individual Staff Technology Action Plan.

Here’s the link to ISTAP.

2007-08 ISTAP

This fall we’ll continue and expand the ISTAP (Individual Staff Technology Action Plan) process. Instead of surveys to see what staff would like to learn, we use ISTAP. This tool asks staff members to identify technologies and integration projects that make the most sense for their classrooms and content.

Why wait until now? The start of the year is very busy and we wish to include all new staff members in this process. After nearly a quarter with students, we think staff members will have a good idea about what they’d like to achieve.

The planning process takes from 5- 10 minutes. Click here for 2-page set of directions, including how to login. Teaching staff select both a skills goal and an integration project. Administrative staff and others create a skills goal. We’ll be working with schools to aid staff members in completing their plans.

If you have questions about the ISTAP tool or process, please contact Kim Bannigan or Howard Draheim.

Tip #22: Finishing Your ISTAP

Update for October 9, 2007–As of today, all of last year’s plans have been archived. Last year’s reflections and plans are no longer available for editing.

Last spring, teaching staff set Individual Staff Technology Action Plans (ISTAP) . . . now that many have finished their plans, it’s time to add a quick reflection and finish the process. If you haven’t entered a plan, you can still log in and enter information. The idea behind these plans is two-fold: the information gives you materials to use in your evaluation and the information helps LISD determine what kinds of after school and inservice sessions to offer.

Here’s a flowchart that shows how to navigate the process: 2007-08 Directions for ISTAP.