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Connecting to Wireless

We’ve been getting plenty of questions about connecting to wireless. Here are a couple of handouts and tips for making it easier to connect:

Connecting to DeForest-Guest: This network is for student devices and devices used by students. Find the DeForest-Guest network and connect >> Open a Browser >> If you don’t see I Accept Terms, click/press Refresh >> Accept. You should see the DeForest web page and then you are connected. Wireless Guest Access

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD-1

Connecting Your iPad/iPod to DASD-1




End the Year, End Groupwise

Two important and happy notes concerning Groupwise:
  • Yesterday another Groupwise knot was untied . . . there’s no longer any need to check Groupwise for Tech Request system emails. When a note is added to a request and shared with you, the email will now go to your deforestschools.org. Initially, this mail may be in your spam folder. (You can check your Gmail spam by going to “Spam” and selecting Deliver for the messages you’d like to keep. If you don’t see your Spam folder, look for “More” in your folder list–it’s usually at the bottom.)
  • Next week, we’ll be taking all the mail going to deforest.k12.wi.us and rerouting it to deforestschools.org. That will mean any mail sent to deforest.k12.wi.us addresses will be showing up in your Gmail inbox.
We will have lots of other news in the new year. We’ll be sharing that via Gmail and here. Stop by and read awhile.

Saving Files and Versions

My Documents . . . if you own a Windows computer, you probably use that folder at home to save everything. Now, it’s no different here at DASD.

If staff or students save files to the My Documents folder, that folder is synced to their H drives. Inside of each H drive, you’ll see a folder called _______’s Documents. Your username will fill in the blank.

Office likes this folder as the default and now you don’t have to worry about where things are saving. We’ve got you covered.

Also, we’ve added a “Google-like” feature in Windows. In the background, things are saving. If you right-click on a folder, you can select Properties >> Previous Versions and if you’ve saved the file recently (on a previous day), you’ll see those versions. Select the Version you’d like and click on View. Very handy if you’re sharing a file and something happened to it or, say you’d like to see how the file looked in the past.

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD-1

As promised via email earlier this morning, here are the directions for accessing the “preferred” DASD-1 network with your Xoom:

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD

While You Were Away . . .

While most staff were away during this fall break, we were working on the Gmail switch and some other projects.

You’ll find that the mail lists for the schools and other groups are ready for use:

  • DAHS: Look for dhsstaff
  • DAMS: Look for dmsstaff
  • DO: Look for dostaff
  • EPES: Look for epesstaff
  • HEC: Look for hecstaff
  • MES: Look for messtaff
  • WES: Look for wesstaff
  • YES: Look for yesstaff
You’ll find other mail lists too:
  • Instructional Staff
  • All Admin
  • All Support Staff
  • And more . . .

Google Calendar Rooms–Progress

When your schools switch to the Google Calendar, we’ll be transferring all existing appointments over. Please check back here for progress in the Google Calendar Department:

    EPES–all done
    WES–in progress
    YES–in progress
    DAHS–in progress
    DAMS–in progress Done!
    MES–all done, but only because there aren’t any 😉

Don’t You Forget About Me . . .

This morning’s Breakfast Club was a really nice way to spend the morning. I want to capture some of the questions here . . . the plan is to answer the still relevant ones in time:

  • When will the gmail switch be completed?
  • Will we have to transfer address books from Gwise to Gmail?
  • Will our folders transfer?
  • Should I forward my mail to gmail?
  • What’s the timeline for mobile devices for staff?
  • What’s the next group for mobile devices at DAMS?
  • Can I use my cell phone on the wireless network?
  • What if a student brings a Kindle?
  • When will everything be in working order? 🙂 I don’t think I phrased that quite as it was asked.
  • Are we (DAMS) getting a mobile lab?
  • Which browser should we use? For Skyward? For GoogleApps?
  • Where’s Firefox?
  • How do I know if I have the updated version of Office?

Comment! Remind me of what I missed. Answers next week when things slow down a bit.