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Connecting to Wireless

We’ve been getting plenty of questions about connecting to wireless. Here are a couple of handouts and tips for making it easier to connect:

Connecting to DeForest-Guest: This network is for student devices and devices used by students. Find the DeForest-Guest network and connect >> Open a Browser >> If you don’t see I Accept Terms, click/press Refresh >> Accept. You should see the DeForest web page and then you are connected. Wireless Guest Access

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD-1

Connecting Your iPad/iPod to DASD-1




Connecting Your Xoom to DASD-1

As promised via email earlier this morning, here are the directions for accessing the “preferred” DASD-1 network with your Xoom:

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD

Where We’re Going with Wireless

I wanted to write something thoughtful and insightful concerning our the installation of our new wireless network, but it’s not working for me. Instead, I’ll share the facts with where we’re at and let you consider the myriad possibilities coming our way.

The Bottom Line: We’ll have wireless access in all of our buildings after we complete this first phase of work.

This coordinator position sometimes brings out the killjoy in me, so I have to say that our first run won’t cover everything everywhere, but the nice thing about this network is that we can add to it. And we will add to it.

Our goal is an appropriate mobile device for every learner in our system, whether it comes from home or we provide it. (“Learner” means everyone . . . if you work here, you’re a learner in my book.)

Mobile Learning: What’s #XLGDASD?

Big things are coming! Next week we’ll be handing out the first mobile devices for staff members meant to be customized. Our existing GoogleApps accounts make it easy to do this. Although we don’t have all of the kinks worked out, we’re still diving in because we know it’s time and we know it’s important.

Some of the thinking behind this move comes from Inevitable by Charles Schwahn and Beatrice McGarvey. In a chapter entitled “Facing Reality,” they ask, “What might these teachers accomplish if their beliefs about individualizing learning were openly and intentionally encouraged and supported by the organization’s structure?” Well, we think it’s going to be a good thing all around. If we give our teachers and administrators the tools to customize their own learning and collaborate in meaningful ways, we know it’s going to happen for students too. One doesn’t experience the power of personal learning and then seek to restrict it for others.

We’re starting with some strategic groups: Learning Improvement Team (LIT), our multi-age teachers, library media specialists, Journeys coordinators, and administrators. This fall we’ll add our new staff members. Each of these groups will move through the learning process in a different fashion, but all will be sharing their journeys throughout the coming school year. GoogleDocs, Moodle, and Twitter (#xlgdasd) will be our primary vehicles, but who knows what else we’ll come up with–that’s kind of the point.

Two “events” next week will kick off our journey. From there we’ll be embarking on a series of learning challenges . . . last fall we did a version of “Battle of the Network Stars“. This season will be similar, but with a watery twist.

Stay tuned to #xlgdasd.