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Tuesday Tech Tip: TED-Ed!

As you know, I’m a fan of TED.  But even if I weren’t, I’d definitely pass this along… TED-Ed has launched a website that has some really great possibilities

There you’ll find the tools to:

  • Watch great educational videos, created by teachers and animators.
  • Nominate a fellow educator!
  • Each TED-Ed video has a supplementary lesson…
    • Take a multiple choice Quick Quiz while watching the video (with video hints!)
    • Find open-ended questions in the Think section.
    • Dig Deeper to find more resources
    • Save your answers

But here’s the coolest part… you can “flip” any lesson!

  • Customize the quizzes, write your own open-ended questions, and modify the resources.
  • Grab your finished lesson’s unique web address and share it with students.
  • Track your students’ work.
  • You can flip any video from YouTube using the TED-Ed platform, including ones you create!

Watch the tour:

Want to win a prize?  Create an account and participate in my flipped lesson here!


Tuesday Tech Tip– Links by Staff

Today I’d like to share with you the work of others.

Fifteen of your colleagues recently finished the Viterbo course, “Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works” and have cultivated over 200 resources for a wide variety of uses in the classroom.  They are all available from our district website.

Here’s how to get there:

Need some ideas for collaboration? science? notetaking?  Click on the tag and you’ll see a multitude of resources.

I haven’t offered a drawing lately, so here’s today’s… How many resources are tagged “Assessment”?  Find one you’d like to add to your toolbox.  Send me an email with the number and the name of a resource before Friday to be entered in the drawing.

A Few Timely Things to Share

First, here are some fun Valentine’s Day activities for all levels.  Here’s another.   And another.  Plus one more.

Second, in breaking news, Mubarak steps down.   Here are the remarks of Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman following President Hosni Mubarak’s speech in a word cloud (created using Wordle) that shows commonly used words.  (click the image to see a clearer version.)  Analysis, anyone?
Wordle: Omar Suleiman transcript

Third, please tell us how you use Google and be entered in this week’s drawing for some fun Google prizes.

Tuesday Tech Tip: The Google Transition

I’m on tip duty today, but it’s really more of coming attractions. We’re planning some changes to @deforestschools.org Google Apps accounts. The changes mean that your deforestschools.org account will start working more like a full Google Account.

The good part of this switch:

  • Access to more Google products, like Picasa. We’ll be able to assign more GoogleApps programs and give them to the groups we want. For example, we can let the DAHS students use Picasa, but not our 4th graders.
  • New sign in options. You will be able to sign in to Google services from the regular sign-in pages (like http://mail.google.com). Your username is your full deforestschools.org email address.

The tricky part for some people:

  • If you’ve used your @deforestschools.org account to set up other Google services, you’ll have to make some changes. For more information, we encourage you to review the Transition Checklist. Basically, you’ll have to rename your account. Should be no big deal, but we wanted to let you know!
If you have questions about changes, please contact Christine Buchanan or me. We won’t start adding any services until February 21.

Drawing! If you’d like to enter this week’s drawing, tell us how you use Google. Last week’s winner was Melody Leung who was using Animoto videos, Wordle word clouds, and MLA citations all in Glogster. Phew! Melody wins some neat Google prizes and so could you with this week’s entry.

What’s Your Searching Score?

Try out this short quiz (15 questions) to measure your Google search skills.

For DASD staff members: If you’re feeling brave, add a comment to this blog post with your score. I’ll draw for a flash drive on Friday, April 16.


Anne Tredinnick is the winner of this week’s flash drive drawing. Anne answered correctly that CIPA stands for the Children’s Internet Protection Act. If you’d like to know more, visit DPI for more details.

Technology Tip #37

At this time of year, efficiency might be prized. Here are a couple of tips for using Google to help increase yours:

  • Use Google’s special search features to help with math problems, currency conversion, converting a recipe, finding a synonym, and more. For example, if you type “4 + 4=” into the Google search box, you’ll get the problem and the answer.
  • Google Custom Search: Use the Custom Search feature to guide students. You enter the web sites you’d like and Google will create a page that looks very much like Google, but only searches your sites. Here’s the information you need to create one: Google Custom Search Engine
  • Advanced search features: Besides narrowing your search, Google has a feature that lets you find “similar” pages to one you like. Click on the link for Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more. You’ll see a section at the bottom called “Page Specific Links” where you can paste a web address. Find out about similar pages or what kinds of pages are linked TO that page. (The latter is really handy for evaluating a web page.)

To enter this week’s question: What was the name of the company that “invented” PowerPoint? Put your answers in an email message by Friday, April 24 at 4:00. Please put the word “answer” in the subject line. And check out our new prizes!

Entry this week's drawing for a new prize!