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A Wireless Snapshot

Ever wonder just how many devices might be out there . . . here’s a snapshot of we what see connecting to our wireless network right now (11:00 a.m. on 5-23):

  • 540 devices connected to Guest.
  • 76 devices were connected to DASD-1.
  • The busiest access points (AP)? You would be surprised by the stats for the last 24 hours. If it’s lunch time at DAHS, those access points are among the top ten. Once lunch is over, the elementary Library Media Centers move up the list. If their iPod Touches are in the library, those devices are on the constant lookout for an AP.
  • Number of errors? 0. Our software also collects information on AP’s that go down or errors in connecting. All of those were at “0” for the last 30 days.




A Little Recycling

A Little Recycling

This photo represents a portion of our last recycling run. When I arrived in DeForest, these machines were new. Now we can’t get rid of them quickly enough.

Mike Young and Candy Luell take care of organizing the recycling pick-ups. It’s a lot of work, especially in gathering and identifying all of the old stuff.

Saving Files and Versions

My Documents . . . if you own a Windows computer, you probably use that folder at home to save everything. Now, it’s no different here at DASD.

If staff or students save files to the My Documents folder, that folder is synced to their H drives. Inside of each H drive, you’ll see a folder called _______’s Documents. Your username will fill in the blank.

Office likes this folder as the default and now you don’t have to worry about where things are saving. We’ve got you covered.

Also, we’ve added a “Google-like” feature in Windows. In the background, things are saving. If you right-click on a folder, you can select Properties >> Previous Versions and if you’ve saved the file recently (on a previous day), you’ll see those versions. Select the Version you’d like and click on View. Very handy if you’re sharing a file and something happened to it or, say you’d like to see how the file looked in the past.