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Online Academic Video Sources

Think YouTube is the only place to get online videos for classroom use?  Think again!  Here are a few online academic video sites you might find useful:


A Day with Library Media Specialists!

Today all the library media specialists are meeting at DHS. Here are some files that might be useful:

Per Diem Day Sign-Up

We are trying something a little different for the June Per Diem Days sign-ups: Moodle.  There are a couple of reasons why, but one benefit for staff is that once you sign up, you can see who else has!

To assist with this new process, we have a couple of helpers for you:

For our veteran Moodle users, here’s the short story. Login and look for DeForest Area School District >> Professional Development. We are using  Choice activities for each block of instruction. Select & Save Choice to sign up. Remove Choice to change your mind and make an alternate selection.

If you have any trouble logging in, please call 6535 or 6537.

Sharing YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to share a YouTube video with students, we have a new service with Lightspeed (our filter) that lets you open a video, tag it, and make it available for students. All that and no new password to remember! Here’s how:

Safe Video Portal

Safe Video Portal

  1. Find the video you’d like to share . . . probably on YouTube.
  2. Copy the address or URL of the video.
  3. Open a new Explorer or Firefox window. Visit our Educational Video Library.
  4. Login using your network username and password.
  5. Click on Submit Video.
  6. Paste in the address or URL. Click Submit.
  7. Add the information about your video and add tags. Tags will make it easy to find . . . there are existing tags for each school: dhs, dms, epes, mes, wes, yes. You can also tag videos with your name which creates your own “channel” for students.
  8. Submitted videos are added to a list and “approved” at least once per week.
  9. Once a video is added, students will have access through the Safe Video Portal. You may use that link to share with students, embed in Moodle, etc.

Here’s a set of directions for adding to the safe videos portal.

Windows Moviemaker

Moviemaker is available on all Windows XP computers. You can use it as a replacement for PowerPoint or Photostory. If you have video footage from the Flip, you can import it and add titles, transitions, and effects.

Resources for using Moviemaker: