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We Have That?

In progress . . .

Here’s a list of software and tools available to staff and students. They are organized by task. Everything listed here is available to everyone.

Modifying Pictures:

  • Picasa (Start >> Graphics & Layout)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Online tools: Picnik, Big Huge Labs

Finding Pictures:

  • Microsoft Online ClipGallery has a large selection that’s updated often and seasonally. There are photos here too. You may convert them to other formats using the tools above.
  • Picasa Web Albums may be used to move photos off the network for sharing.
  • Ideas Wisconsin has a huge database of pictures you may use without worrying about copyright.

Creating Documents:

  • GoogleDocs Document
  • Word*
  • Open Office Writer (Start >> Open Source >> Open Office)
  • Publisher 2000

*If you need to open documents from a newer version of Word, install the compatibility pack (Start >> Troubleshooting >> Office 2000 >> Install Office 2007 Compatibility).

Creating Slide Shows with Images & Text:

  • PowerPoint
  • Picasa
  • Photostory (available on all computers)
  • Windows Moviemaker (available on all computers)
  • TuxPaint (a replacement for KidPix available through Start >> Productivity)

Creating Slide Shows With narration:

  • Photostory
  • PowerPoint
  • Windows Moviemaker

Creating a CD:

**Almost all teacher stations now have CD burners. Look for the label on the drive door.

Editing Video:

  • Windows Moviemaker (may be used with Flip video footage as long as it stays on the camera)
  • Vegas Movie Studio (This program is available on standalone video editing stations. Look in your lab or LMC for one to roll down to your classroom.)

Miscellaneous Programs:

  • SmartBoard software version 10 (Start >> SmartBoard >> Install Notebook v10): You may use this software without a board. It has plenty of handy tools and features.
  • Inspiration 8 (Start >> Productivity): Great for studying, writing, organizing, sharing . . . lots of templates and tools too.
  • Kidspiration (Start >> Productivity): Activities and templates for younger grades, but you’ll also find a “listen” feature to read what’s on the screen.
  • GoogleEarth (Start >> General Ed): You may load this tool to use on any machine.
  • VLC Player (Start >> Multimedia): VLC will play anything . . . dvd’s, movie clips, music, video. If you get an error from Windows Media Player, chances are you’ll be able to play the file in VLC.
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