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Connecting to Wireless

We’ve been getting plenty of questions about connecting to wireless. Here are a couple of handouts and tips for making it easier to connect:

Connecting to DeForest-Guest: This network is for student devices and devices used by students. Find the DeForest-Guest network and connect >> Open a Browser >> If you don’t see I Accept Terms, click/press Refresh >> Accept. You should see the DeForest web page and then you are connected. Wireless Guest Access

Connecting Your Xoom to DASD-1

Connecting Your iPad/iPod to DASD-1




Saving Files and Versions

My Documents . . . if you own a Windows computer, you probably use that folder at home to save everything. Now, it’s no different here at DASD.

If staff or students save files to the My Documents folder, that folder is synced to their H drives. Inside of each H drive, you’ll see a folder called _______’s Documents. Your username will fill in the blank.

Office likes this folder as the default and now you don’t have to worry about where things are saving. We’ve got you covered.

Also, we’ve added a “Google-like” feature in Windows. In the background, things are saving. If you right-click on a folder, you can select Properties >> Previous Versions and if you’ve saved the file recently (on a previous day), you’ll see those versions. Select the Version you’d like and click on View. Very handy if you’re sharing a file and something happened to it or, say you’d like to see how the file looked in the past.

Web-based GroupWise

Here’s a Q&A on Web Based Groupwise.  I hope you find it helpful.  Stay tuned for “Browser Basics.”

Tuesday Tech Tip: Filter Overrides & YouTube Videos

Today’s tip will allow you to make your away through the tools Lightspeed provides to get access to web content you need.Access Denied

  • Have you ever been suddenly blocked from viewing sites you usually have access to (like YouTube)?
    Have you ever wanted to check out a site for possible student use or research?
  • Are you interested in being able to open a site for multiple computers in order to meet your instructional goals?

Here’s the full story on how to navigate Lightspeed.Educational Video Library

  • Do you want to allow students to see a specific YouTube video without seeing the comments and having full access to YouTube?

Here’s how to create a library of videos for students to view.

***If you’re interested in Moodle training on March 10, please let Christine know!***

Tuesday Tech Tip: Compatibility Pack & Avatars

Today’s Tip and Tool include:

Your tip:
A short (less than 2 min) video showing how to install the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack (in case you need to open newer versions of Word or Power Point files).
Written directions can be found here
A few fun tools:
If you use Moodle, you already know there’s a feature that allows you to use a “profile picture.”  If you’re interested in creating an avatar instead of posting an actual photo of yourself, here are four web tools that allow you to create a “cartoon-ified” image of yourself!
  • Build Your Wild Self (animalize yourself, then “print”, then right click to save the image as a jpeg)
  • Make yourself a LEGO character (customize your LEGO, follow the directions to “How to Save”)
  • Make yourself an M&M character (you must register to save your character)
  • Create a Mii (just like on the Wii) (create, then EXPORT your character)

Last week’s winner for the Thinkfinity drawing was Aimee Glennon! For all those who sent me links, thank you!

Tuesday Tech Tip: Printers & Thinkfinity

Today’s tip includes a short video, a great resource tool for you, and a question that will be easy to answer…
Here’s your TIP:
  • Check out this video tutorial on how to install printers, right from your workstation!
Here’s your TOOL:
  • Browse around Thinkfinity for lesson plans, student interactives, Today in History, 21st Century Skills, Games and Tools, and more!
This week’s drawing: To be answered via email… please copy and paste a link to something from Thinkfinity that you might try with your students and send it to me with the word “Link” in the subject line before Friday at 4:00pm.  I’ll randomly draw a name from all the entries.

Email & Printing

Two recent areas of difficulty have been student email for grades 5-12 and printing. If you’re having trouble with either of these, we would like to hear about it:

Printing? We are changing to a different printer distribution system, so if you are having issues with your printers not showing up, please submit a Work Order.

Email? Please send contact Kim or Howard with student email issues. Over the next two months, we will be examining potential solutions and talking with students and staff members to determine our next steps. Here’s what we have planned so far:

  • Trials at DMS and DHS using alternate email applications and collaboration tools
  • Student surveys and interviews at DMS and DHS regarding how they use email
  • Staff surveys and interviews regarding email use, collaboration, and resource sharing

For the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to use ePals for email. If you are finding it difficult to communicate with students using ePals, we can offer some alternatives for the interim:

  • For sharing information: Moodle or your web page
  • For sharing files: Moodle or J drive
  • For transferring files between home & school (students): Moodle or flash drives